$31,000 Donated to 5 Edmonton Rescues after 2019 Cat Festival, Bringing Total Donated To Date to $112,000

Cat Festival 2019 Cheque Presentation

This weekend we were thrilled to do a cheque presentation for this year’s cat rescue donation recipients: Zoe’s Animal Rescue, Little Cats Lost, SAFE Team Rescue, A Pet’s Pantry, and GEARS (Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society). 

The June 1, 2019 Edmonton Cat Festival was able to raise $31,000 for local rescues.

This brings our total donated to cat rescues over our last five events (since 2014), to $112,000!!! 

We are so thrilled and so grateful to festival attendees (YOU!!!), sponsors, vendors, and partners, for ensuring our event is able to support these incredible charities that do such important work in Edmonton. 

Each of this year’s supported charities—run entirely by volunteers—have been given $6,200 to help with vet bills, food and other costs related to rescuing and helping cats in need.

Cat Festival 2019 Cheque Presentation
Edmonton Cat Festival
Edmonton Cat Festival
Learn more about the 2019 supported charities:

GEARS Animal Rescue

GEARS Animal Rescue

The Greater Edmonton Animal Rescue Society (GEARS) helps injured, abandoned, unwanted and homeless animals in the Edmonton area. GEARS also works with the Alexis First Nation community to spay or neuter family cats.


Little Cats Lost

Little Cats Lost (Trap-Neuter-Return) Society works to humanely reduce euthanasia and growth rates of feral cat colonies by preventing breeding cycles through spay/neuter practices, while educating the public on the merits of the Trap-Neuter-Return program. Little Cats Lost has been able to reduce whole feral colonies from approximately 300 cats spayed/neutered down to 10 or 20 cats. That’s a lot of kittens that were never born into the streets!


SAFE Team Rescue

SAFE Team Rescue works to educate the public on responsible pet ownership and saves animals from euthanasia in various Alberta shelters. They rescue, rehabilitate, and re-home abused, abandoned, feral or unwanted animals in the community. They hope to prevent abandonment and end suffering one life at a time. SAFE Team takes in hundreds of cats in need each year.


Zoes Animal Rescue

Zoe’s Animal Rescue has a five-pronged service approach when it comes to making positive changes in the lives of pets, families and communities in need. They offer a Spay Neuter Return Program, support people and animals in marginalized communities, provide education for children and communities, run an adoption program, and are members of Alberta Force Free Alliance, ensuring all animals are handled in a loving and force free manner.


A Pets Pantry

A Pet’s Pantry is Edmonton’s first pet food bank for rescues. Working with local animal rescues, a Pet’s Pantry provides pet food to help ease the burden on rescues created due to lack of resources, so that more funding can be put into critical medical care. In 3 years, A Pet’s Pantry has distributed over 75,000 lbs of cat and dog kibble to 50 local animal rescues.

Thank you to festival attendees, sponsors, vendors, and partners for making the 2019 Edmonton Cat Festival our most successful yet. 

Stay tuned for details of 2020’s event!

If you are interested in sponsoring or becoming a vendor for 2020, please contact [email protected]

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