5 Purr-fect Gifts for Your Cat (from Homes Alive Pets)

There are so meowny great gifts you can get your cat these days, the options really are endless!  At the June 1, 2019 Edmonton International Cat Festival, you’ll get to shop for you AND your cat at 50 different vendors!

A must-shop stop at our festival, or any time of year, is festival sponsor Homes Alive Pets.

Homes Alive is a proudly family-owned, made-in-Alberta pet store with two locations in Edmonton and two locations in Lethbridge. They sell everything you could possibly want or need for your cat or dog. They are proud supporters of the community (including the Edmonton International Cat Festival). And they also ship free across Alberta for orders over $100!

Homes Alive Pets Alberta

Homes Alive will not only be a vendor at the June 1, 2019 Edmonton International Cat Festival, but will also be presenting two CATivities: an Instagrammable Wall and the Cat Festival Scavenger Hunt! 

We’ll be sharing more details about both CATivities soon (leading up to the festival), but in the meantime, wanted to share 5 purr-fect gifts for cats that you can get at Homes Alive! 

Be sure to visit them in store, online, or at the Edmonton International Cat Festival on June 1! 

5 Purr-fect Gifts for Cats (from Homes Alive)

1. Be One Breed Intellicat

Price: $30.99
This slow feed, puzzle toy combo is great for cats that love to play with their food and even better for cats that like to gorge themselves on dinner. It has multiple levels to customized difficulty and can be used for full meals, treats or a fun and engaging distraction. 
be one breed intellikatt interactive bowl for cats pieces

2. Mad Cat Milk and Cookies Teaser Wand

Price: $9.89
This teaser wand is ideal for swatting and interactive playtime. It’s filled with both catnip and silvervine and has an elastic string to improve the springy nature of the toy. Lactose intolerant? Try the Rainbow or sushi wand instead!
mad cat milk and cookies wand

3. FroliCat Cheese Teaser

Price: $31.99
Looking for a fun interactive solo toy for your kitten? Well, look no further. The FroliCat Cheese Teaser is a battery operated “kitty-whack-a-mole”. Two mice on either side will keep your cat hunting as they pop in and out of the toy. Purrfect for prey driven hunters.
petsafe cheese teaser cat toy


Price: $51.99
This soft knit cat nest is perfect for any cat nap. The soft material will provide a warm cozy spot for your kitty curl up and relax after play time. This colourful, soft and knitted cat bed is a comfortable, and supportive resting place for your cat.
be one breed knitted pink bed with cat


Price: $5.49
Churus are a delicious, creamy, pureed treat pop for kitties of any age or size. Feed like wet food, or let them lick the treat right out of the tube. It’s a great way to reward good behaviour or can be used as a distraction during grooming or other routines. There are numerous flavours and pack sizes.
inaba churu tuna with salmon

Be sure to visit Homes Alive online, at the June 1, 2019 Edmonton International Cat Festival, or in-store and browse their massive cat section! In Edmonton, Homes Alive is located at 13340 St. Albert Trail or 5611 104 St. (Calgary Trail). In Lethbridge, Homes Alive is located at 166 Columbia Blvd or 910 3rd Ave S. 

Learn More About Homes Alive

Pre-purrchase tickets to the June 1 festival

And stay tuned as we announce details of the Cat Festival Instagrammable Wall and Scavenger Hunt, both presented by Homes Alive!

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