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We’re excited to ameownce that the first 100 attendees at the June 1, 2019 Edmonton International Cat Festival will receive a free swag bag courtesy of our sponsor Petland Canada

Doors open at 10AM on Caturday, June 1, and there’s lots happening all day! We’ll be releasing a full schedule of events shortly but we think it’s safe to say you could spend your entire Caturday at the festival and not run out of CATivities to try!

We are proud to partner with Petland, Canada’s largest Pet Store! There are seven Petland locations in Edmonton and the surrounding area alone, with an 8th location opening in July 2019 in Harvest Pointe.

Make sure to visit the Petland booth (to the left of the Main Stage) at Cat Festival and grab a coupon to help a rescue cat in need!

In addition to being Canada’s largest Pet Store, having a must-visit booth at the festival, and providing festival attendees swag, this year’s festival Main Stage is also presented by Petland Canada!

Here’s the confirmed Main Stage schedule of events for the June 1, 2019 Edmonton International Cat Festival, presented by Petland:

Emcee Hunter Cardinal makes opening remarks, welcomes attendees and kicks off the 2019 festival!

Sit back and watch some cat videos! 

This presentation features meow-derately Instagram famous Gary the Cat (@greatgramsofgary). In just under a year, Gary has grown his Instagram to over 5,000 followers and reddit subscribers to over 4,000! In this presentation, Gary’s pawrent and social media manager James will talk about the development of Gary the Cat’s social media presence and share simple strategies you can use to help boost your own cat’s Instagram fame.

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Cats in Your Community, presented by the City of Edmonton Animal Care and Control, explores what to do if you spot outdoor cats (how do you know if it’s lost, owned, or feral?) and how to make sure your lost cat gets home safely to you.

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Sit back and watch some cat videos! 

Suki is a gorgeous bengal cat who is always up for an adventure! Suki’s paw-rents took her home as a kitty in March 2017 and since then Suki’s taken them on more adventures than they’ve ever experienced before! Suki has a bold spirit and you’ll often find her hiking through lush furr-ests, set against majestic meoewtains, or enjoying a cozy campfire. Suki has over 1.4 million Instagram followers and we’re especially thrilled that Suki and her paw-rents are Alberta-based, but with global reach. 

Emcee Hunter Cardinal will interview Suki and her pawrent Marti to learn all about Suki’s story, how she started adventuring, and how cat lovers around the world fell in love with this adventure cat. 

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Sit back and watch some cat videos! 

Come listen to poems about our favourite felines! We’ve got 10 cat lovers purrticipating in the Open Mic. If time allows, we’ll accept walk-up poets. You don’t have to be a professional writer or poet to purr-ticipate! We have poets of all ages and skill levels.

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Frederick and Rebecca of Open Sky Pictures, and Roxanne of Little Cats Lost, will show never before seen behind-the-scenes footage from their popular video on demand TV series KittenTV and talk about their experiences working on this ameowzing purr-duction! 

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This presentation features Rachel Dunn and Adam Rozenhart, who recently lost their beloved cat Moonie, and will talk about the stages of grief as they relate to their experience—what the did, choices they made to honour Moonie, and how they processed the loss differently, in an important presentation aimed at helping others deal with loss of their pets.

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The competition is fierce. The contestants can be catty 😉 And the poses are a-meowzing! Emcee Hunter Cardinal will go through photo purrticipants of the 2019 Edmonton’s Most Purr-fect Cat Photo Contest. Formal, Swimsuit, Everyday CAT-egories and the Answer to the Question: How would your cat make the world a better place? Who will be crowned Edmonton’s Most Purr-fect Cat? Come check out ameowzing photos and find out! 

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If you entered for door prizes when you first entered the festival, come by to see if you’ve won a prize from one of our ameowzing vendors/sponsors! If your name is drawn and you;r’e not there, we’ll contact you to arrange prize pick-up! (But it’s better if you’re there to pick up your prize!!) 

Another purr-fect Cat Festival comes to an end. Thanks for being a part of Alberta’s biggest celebration of cats, cat culture and cat people, while raising money for cat rescues! 


Petland Canada is dedicated to enhancing our guests knowledge and the enjoyment of the human animal bond. With 7 locations in Edmonton and surrounding area, Petland can help pet owners find what they are looking for! 

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