Cat Pawrents: You need these items from Cheery Cat Co. for your kitty!

Cheery Cat is a treasure trove of fun delights to pamper your purrfect feline.

As a sponsor for the 2024 Edmonton International Cat Festival, there’s lots of ways you can interact with Cheery Cat this festival season: 
– Celebrity Cat Meet &Greets presented by Cheery Cat Co.
– Celebrity Cat Q&As presented on the Homes Alive Pets Main Stage
– FIP Awareness with Cheery Cat Co. on the Homes Alive Pets Main Stage
– Cheery Palace Pop-up with Community Cats and Cheery Cat Booth 
ON SUNDAY, JUNE 2, 2024:
Sip ‘N Purr Event at Cheery Cat on Sunday, June 2, 2024 (FREE! RSVP)

Here’s a few Cheery Cat favourite cat products you can purrchase at their booth or in-store for Cat Fest!

Cheery Flakes: Sun-Dried Smoked Skipjack Tuna Treats

At the heart of every cat’s dreams lies the promise of a delicious treat. Enter Cheery Flakes, the epitome of feline gastronomy. Crafted from sun-dried smoked skipjack tuna, these tantalizing flakes are not only human-grade but also boast a single ingredient, making them a healthy option for your discerning kitty. Packed with protein, they’re a surefire hit, earning the esteemed approval of Cheery Cat’s founders, Mochi and Nori. Plus, they’re locally packaged, ensuring freshness and quality with every bite.

Cheery Cat Products to Purchase
Cheery Nip and Cheery Baguette: Organic Catnip Bliss

Indulge your cat’s senses with Cheery Nip, a certified organic premium catnip sourced straight from the lush fields of British Columbia. Did you know that to truly awaken its magic, you need to rub it gently to release those precious oils? For a fun delivery, consider the Cheery Baguette, hand-sewn with love and filled to the brim with Cheery Nip. Each baguette made with love, this is a favorite among customers, and a constant sell-out sensation.

Cheery Cat Products to Purchase 2
The “George” Collar: Distinguished Style for Your Feline Friend

Transform your beloved feline into a distinguished fashionista with the “George” collar. Available in an array of colors, it’s the accessory of choice for refined cats everywhere, endorsed by Cheery Palace alumni, George.

Cheery Cat Products to Purchase 3
Cat Wine and Cat Wine Bubbles: Playful Delights

Treat your cat to the ultimate in indulgence with Cat Wine and Cat Wine Bubbles. Cat wine, a liquid catnip delight, comes in an array of sophisticated “flavors” like Pinot Meow and Catbernet, all without artificial colors. Infused with valerian root to entice even the most discerning kitties, it’s the perfect way to enhance playful behaviors. And for a truly bubbly bonding experience, try the Cat Wine Catnip Bubbles, crafted from organic catnip oil and non-toxic bubble solution. With flavors like Purrsecco and Meowgarita, it’s a party waiting to happen!

Cheery Cat Products to Purchase 4
Ceramic on Gold Dish: Elevated Dining Experience

Upgrade your cat’s dining experience with the Ceramic on Gold Dish. Beyond its stunning design, this dish offers practical benefits too. Easy to clean and dishwasher-safe, it reduces whisker fatigue with its shallow, wide design. The raised dish minimizes strain on your cat’s neck and joints while promoting better digestion and reducing the likelihood of vomiting. It’s a win-win for both you and your sophisticated eater.

Cheery Cat Products to Purchase 5
Cheery Cat Products to Purchase y

Plus: Kitty Sunglasses!

If you visit Cheery Cat by Sunday, May 26 and purchase Kitty Sunglasses in-store, $2 for each sale will be donated to the Edmonton Cat Festival and the rescues we support!
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With Cheery Cat’s curated selection of premium products, every day is a purr-fect adventure filled with love, laughter, and endless cuddles.
These products can be purchased in store, with a limited range of items also available online!

Love the product recommendations?

Then you’ll definitely love Cheery Cat’s Monthly Subscription Box! Packed with goodies (maybe even some of the tried and true favourites from our list above), let Cheery surprise your kitty with treats and toys every month.

Cheery Cat’s mission is to foster a safe space for cats, and a place for cat lovers to celebrate their passion.

“Cheery Cat is honoured to be a sponsor of Edmonton Cat Fest, aligning to their commitment to growing and nurturing the cat community!”

You’re also invited to our 10-year Anniversary Pawty on Caturday, May 25, 2024 (and a bunch of other CATivities and PURRgramming leading up to the big day as part of Edmonton Cat Festival Month!)

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Check out the 2024 Edmonton Cat Festival Schedule and plan your month / week / festival day!


May 25, 2024 festival tickets are just $15 online or $20 at the door (cash) and 100% proceeds are donated to local cat rescues! Kids 12 and under get in for FREE! 

Buy TIckets

The 2024 rescue donation recipients are:
Thanks to our 2024 Festival Sponsors:

Cheery Cat Co.
Celebrity Cat Sponsor

Cat Yoga Sponsor

Miklo Creative
Festival Sponsor

Edmonton Public Library
Festival Sponsor

Get Cooking
Festival Sponsor

Cat Cafe on Whyte
Festival Sponsor

Robin Good Art & Design
Festival Sponsor

Heart Felt
Festival Sponsor

Queer Joy
Festival Sponsor

The Common
Festival Sponsor

Festival Sponsor

Dolly’s Cocktails
Festival Sponsor

Spilt Bar
Festival Sponsor

Escape City
Festival Sponsor

Budget Printing
Printing Sponsor

Taproot Edmonton
Festival Sponsor

DW Good Investments
Festival Sponsor

Lillia Wan Photography
Photography Sponsor

Klique This Photography
Photography Sponsor

JOHO Photos
Festival Sponsor

Festival Sponsor

Miklo Creative
Festival Sponsor

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