Catios 101 – Tour and Talk at Edmonton Cat Festival with Hellas Custom Catios

What do you know about catios—cat patios? Why should hoomans be the only ones to safely experience the great outdoors! 

There are lots of benefits to catios. They create safe and healthy outdoor environments for cats, protecting from risks like traffic, contamination, animals, neighbourhood threats, human threats, getting accidentally captured, stolen, and more.

Catios bring a ton of enrichment and benefits for cats and professional catio experts and builders Don & Yvette of Hellas Custom Catios will be joining the virtual Edmonton Cat Festival on Caturday, May 29, 2021 to tour you around some of their enclosure creations and share tips for why catios might be a great option for your cats!
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Catios 101 with Hellas Custom Catios
  • Caturday, May 29, 2021 
  • 1:30 p.m. to 2 p.m. MST 
This session is included with your virtual festival ticket ($20) which gets you access to online CATivities and PURR-gramming all weekend long (May 29 & 30, 2021) plus access recordings for up to 3 weeks (Binge Your Own Cat Fest!)

Don & Yvette of Hellas Custom Catios are a husband and wife dynamic duo with a passion for cat safety, enrichment, and helping their guardians delight in their fur kids safe outdoor environment. Both were quite successful in their respective construction trades for over 25 years. Then they got Spartacus and Zeus, and gave it all up! Passions changed! The cats became family members, and as loving responsible kitty guardians we knew opening the door to let them roam, with all the dangers that faced them on a daily basis, was not an option. After researching suitable materials and applying their construction experience, Don & Yvette built the cats a fun, outdoor enclosure with independent access, that enhances their quality of life and keeps them safe. Seeing their confidence and happiness grow, relishing in our peace of mind, they established Hellas Pet Enclosures, now Hellas Custom Catios, to help you keep your feline family members safe! 

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2021 Cat Fest Schedule Hellas Catios

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