Edmonton International Cat Festival Returning in 2018!

The Edmonton International Cat Festival will be taking a cat nap (break) for 2017 and will return bigger and better in 2018! We want to thank all festival attendees, vendors, sponsors, and supporters meow-y much for making our first 3 years such a big success. Since 2014, the Edmonton International Cat Festival has raised $60,000 for local cat rescue organizations – helping improve the welfare of cats in Edmonton. Our a-meowzing event is one of the most unique in the world – and a first of its kind in North America. Cat Festival organizers want to thank our supporters over the years, and while you wait for us to return in 2018, be sure to watch out for copies of the Cats of Edmonton photo book hitting shelves at your favourite local book stores, pet stores, and cat rescue organizations this 2016-17.

We’re also looking at running smaller, paw-some fundraising events throughout the year. Our mission remains simple: bringing together cat lovers and helping cats in need.

The Edmonton International Cat Festival is made possible largely thanks to sponsors and we hope to spend the extra time / year off fostering even more partnerships with great sponsors who can help take the festival to the next level. If you’re interested in sponsoring the festival when it returns for 2018, please contact the [email protected]!

Also get in touch if you are:

  • Interested in joining the Edmonton International Cat Festival organizing committee
  • Interested in teaming up for a smaller fundraising event 
  • Interested in getting on our email list for vendor application announcements for the 2018 festival 
  • Interested in purchasing or stocking the Cats of Edmonton photo book

Check our Facebook and Twitter for updates throughout the year. Thanks everyone!

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