Meet your Food Trucks for Edmonton Cat Fest!

While the exact schedule for Edmonton International Cat Fest is still being finalized, what is for sure is that there is a built-in lunch component to the day and that includes the opportunity to dine at some of Edmonton’s newest food trucks!

Check out their websites + menus below:

Afterbite Mobile Kitchen Edmonton

Afterbite Mobile Kitchen | @AfterbiteMobile

“Offering up unique spins on some of your favourite dishes! Constantly evolving menu and locations to better serve you. Always looking for new and creative ways to change the game :-)”


  • Hand pressed cheese burger & fries – $10 (add bacon/onions, $1 ea)
    (Comes loaded with Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Pickle, Ketchup, Mustard, Mayo, and Melted Mozzarella Cheese)
  • Polish sausage and fries – $8 (add bacon wrap/onion, $1 ea)
    (Always on the lookout for the best sausage! Trying to make each one better than the last. Try it loaded!!!)
  • Panko breaded chicken or pork bites – $8 (add fries, $2)
    (Hand cut Full Chicken Breasts or Pork Loin Freshly Breaded in peppered panko and deep fried)
  • Pizza rolls x3 – $7
    (Mama’s recipe, egg roll style shell stuffed with cheese, ground beef, peppers, onions, mushrooms and homemade sauce)
  • Poutine – $7 (add bacon, $1)

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Perogy Princess Edmonton

Perogy Princess | @PerogyTruck

“Delicious authentic Ukrainian food made with a twist!”


  • Prairie Poutine – $10
    Hot delicious perogies smothered in mozza cheese curds, topped with beef gravy and real bacon bits
  • The Farmer – $10
    Hot delicious perogies, covered with tender sweet fried onions, real bacon bits and large piece of Ukrainian garlic sausage
  • Classic – $10
    Hot delicious perogies, topped with fried onions, real bacon bits, gourmet cabbage rolls, large piece of Ukrainian garlic sausage
  • Hearty Borscht Soup – $5
  • Fruity – $6.50
    Fruit-filled perogies topped with whipped cream and sprinkles

Attila the HUNgry

Attila The HUNgry | @AttilaTheHUNgry

“Foods that we all know and love, like PB&J, burgers, tater tots, or chicken and waffles, all spun with Asian ingredients. It’s an Asian flavour invasion.”


  • Thai PB & J – $4
    A thick spreadable peanut sauce with a sweet and spicy strawberry Sriracha jam on toasted texas toast
  • Duck Tots – $14
    Crispy Tater Tots topped with tender braised duck legs, lime Sriracha sauce, Hoisen aioli, and a combination of green onion, cilantro, and peanuts on top
  • Thai Punch – Our signature drink. Blueberry and mango juices with coconut milk and hints of lemongrass and ginger
  • 2 additional entrees – special / decided on the day of (would be Asian inspired)

* Menu items subject to change

All of these trucks are fairly new to the Edmonton food truck scene, so be sure to give them a warm welcome as they hit the streets this season ahead of #YEGCatFest! Watch for their schedule + location on and be sure to come hungry on June 7 and try out these trucks!

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