Nutrience & Petland: Cat food for Edmonton cat rescues

(Guest blog from Nutrience)

As a member of the Nutrience team and one of its resident cat ladies, I can say for sure that Nutrience and its exclusive retail partner for the festival, Petland, place great importance on the issue of abandoned cats as well as pet overpopulation within our communities. They also applaud the rescue efforts and various trap-neuter-return programs that local cat rescues and their selfless volunteers carry out across Canada.

Having worked with local rescue organizations as a foster parent to homeless kitties, I have seen firsthand how our local rescue groups and organizations devote so much of their time and monetary resources coming to the aid of felines in need. Frequently, this means that the organizations are facing great financial difficulties, and that their volunteers offer up their own funds (more often than not at a great personal cost) to keep their day-to-day operations afloat.

To help further the Edmonton International Cat Festival’s goal to raise funds and awareness for local rescues, Nutrience and Petland will be hosting a special can sale at their booth near the London Drugs CATivities Centre during the festival.

Buy a can of cat food and we’ll donate a can to cat rescues!

Petland, a leader in the Canadian retail pet industry for 38 years, has graciously offered to donate one can of Nutrience canned food for every can purchased during the special can sale to the rescue organizations the Edmonton International Cat Festival is supporting this year. This initiative will help to ensure that fewer cats go hungry in our communities and will lessen the financial burden placed on our deserving rescue organizations.

By purchasing some cans at the festival on May 30, not only will you be helping cats and kittens without families get the nourishment they need, you’ll also be treating your own kitty with a nutrient-rich formulation sure to please even the most demanding and finicky of palates.

The cans to be donated will be divided amongst the three deserving Edmonton-area organizations working to better the lives of our feline friends – the Edmonton Humane Society, Little Cats Lost (Trap-Neuter-Return) Society and SAFE Team Rescue.

Made in the USA, Nutrience pâtés for cats stand by their “No Bad Anything” promise. Each can is formulated without using corn, wheat, soy, by-products, artificial colors, flavors, preservatives and other controversial ingredients. These cans always include real meat as the #1 ingredient; low-glycemic carbohydrate sources in place of cheap fillers; healthy fats such as salmon oil and coconut oil; and regional fruits and vegetables that are rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients.

Looking forward to seeing you at our booth,

Inhae & the Nutrience team (including our resident feline overlords/product testers/models – Cha Cha, LeRoux, Theon, Precious, Aloysius, Cadbury, Eddy, Little Moe, Bagheera & Samwise)

Save and share the cans for cat rescues poster!

Petland Nutrience Cat Festival

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    Thanks for sharing this dear, that is indeed really very great thing to do for the pets, as a pet owner i always participate & motivate my fellows to do what ever they possibly can.

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