#YEGCatFest – Presenters

Meet your Edmonton International Cat Festival presenters!

Omar M - Edmonton International Cat Festival

Omar Mouallem. The Future is Meow: What’s Turning Us Into Cat People? Omar Mouallem is the author of Amazing Cats: Stories of Intuitive, Compassionate, Mysterious and Extraordinary Felines. He’s written about man’s real best friend for unlikely publications, such as The Globe and Mail Alberta Venture and SWERVE. A National Magazine Awards nominated writer, he’s also contributed to The Walrus, VICE, enRoute and Eighteen Bridges, and his column “Footnotes” appears in Metro News every weekend. He lives in Edmonton with his wife Janae, seal-point Siamese Orwell and blue torty Darwin, whose brain hasn’t been the same since she started playing the iPad game Paint for Cats. Follow Omar on Twitter at @omar_aok.

Hilary - Edmonton International Cat Festival

Hilary Darrah. How My Cat Video Went Viral and How Yours Can Too! Hilary Darrah is a born and raised Edmontonian, working as a communications professional by day and not-even-remotely-closeted cat lover by night. Actually, it’s more like cat lover 24/7! In addition to loving her two tabbies, Joey and Andy, Hilary is passionate about basically everything food-related, and loves blogging about that at www.siftsimmersip.com. Follow Hilary on Twitter at @hilarydarrah.

Marty - Edmonton International Cat Festival

Marty Chan. Storytelling of “True Story” – a book about the boy who cried wolf, or in this case, cat. Cat allergies did not stop Marty from adopting his two tuxedo cats, Buddy and Max. He wrote a picture book featuring his two cats as the main characters. The book was a tribute to the Edmonton Humane Society. When he’s not cuddling with his cats, Marty writes plays for adults and books for kids. Follow Marty on Twitter at @Marty_Chan.

Elly Paslawsky

Elly Paslawsky. Colour Me a Cat. Elly has been in the Animal Health field for over 30 years, from small animal practice, nutritional research, to education. Elly is labelled as the “cat whisperer” by students of the NAIT Animal Health program. She seems to make a (happy) habit of rescuing and finding homes for kitty kids. Elly currently lives with two Bengals – Sullivan ( a rescue) and Cabella, as well as an Abysinnian – Suri. It’s like a kitty gymnastics class at home! Her presentation will talk about cat colours, breeds and temperaments.

Evelyn Onderka LeClair

Evelyn Onderka LeClair. Colour Me a Cat. Evelyn has been at NAIT for 27 years as an instructor for Chemical Technology. Her true love has always been animals. Evelyn has raised and shown Persian, Exotic Short Hair, and Himalayan cats for 25 years, with many Supreme Grand Champion wins in the NW region by The International Cat Association. Evelyn has also shown Abysinians, Devon Rex and Singapura cats. In the last few years, Evelyn has turned more into a cat rescue, caring for others’ cats while they are on holidays or between dwellings. She’s also bottle-raised foundling kittens born in the wild and then sent to forever homes! Her presentation will talk about cat colours, breeds and temperaments.

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