Cats of Edmonton Photo Book

A coffee table book featuring the city’s feistiest felines

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The Cats of Edmonton Photo Book is a 112-page, hard cover, full-colour, coffee table photo book that takes you into the homes of over 100+ of the city’s a-meowzing felines!

Created and crowdfunded in 2016, this photo book was sold as another fundraising effort in conjunction with the Edmonton International Cat Festival to support cat rescues. The book will be available for purr-chase at the 2019 Edmonton International Cat Festival. We hope you’ll get one as another way to support Edmonton area cat rescues & cats in need! 

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Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign

In March 2016, we ran a three-week Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to raise money to help pay for printing costs to bring the book to life. 100% of proceeds from book sales go to support the festival & local cat rescues. In three weeks, $8,600 was contributed from 123 people! 500 copies of the books were printed, and if you missed out on the campaign, the books continue to be sold at annual Cat Festival events.

Check out the full campaign

Crowdfunding Supporters

Thank you to all Cats of Edmonton crowdfunding contributors!

Adam Rozenhart
Alana N Hill
Alisa Desilets
Amanda Brown
Amanda E Sampson
Amelia Heuchert
Ana Isabel Herrera
Andrea McCabe
Andrew Bremness
Anthony Tiet
Asif Butt
Barbara MacKenzie
Betty M Sampson
Beverley Poong
Brianna Gormley
Brittany Brewer
Cailín Mills
Candice Tate
Catherine Spafford
Cathy Cooley
Chara Goodings
Chithra Latour
Chris Falconer
Claire Walters
Clayton Rodney
Crisia Tabacaru
Cristina Weiheimer
Curtis Macsween
Danielle Decuyper

Deborah Lacerte
Delvina Greig
Denise Cheung
Diana M Rhodes
Dilys Kulchitsky
Dana Forrest
Donna Belrose
Donna Davies
Elaine Arthur
Eleonore Paslawsky
Emily Burden
Erin Drought
Erin Dykstra
George Andrews
Gina Gariano
Harley and Marianne Weston
Heather A Newton
Heather Maisonneuve
Hilary Darrah
Ingrid Kostelnik
Jacqueline S Kitzan
Janelle Aker
Jarett J Stastny
Jeffrey P Mason
Jenna Amy Hamler
Jeri Danica A LeBlanc
Jesi Dawn
Jim Falconer
John Lieu

Julia A Pullen
Karen McDonald
Karen Turchin
Karen Vaganyan
Katie Biittner
Katryna Yasinski
Kimberley Onclin
Landon and Rez Kymson
Larry Charach
Laureen Johnson
Lauressa Weinlick
Lesley Leung
Linda P Osland
Linda S Lee-Paquet
Lindsay A Stamhuis
Lindsay Marie Harvey
Lindsey Locke
Lisa Rattai
Liv Vors
Lynnette Kuchera
Mack Male
Mariann Tate
Marilyn K Davies
Meghan Darker
Melanie Gesy
Michael Janz
Michael Keindel
Michael Morrison
Michele Crocker

Monica Zeniuk
Morgan Black
Muiyin Lee
Nancy Carnahan
Nancy Lemus
Nancy Mah
Nathan Timothy Salter
Nicole Furtak
Nicole L Rose
Nider Alyssa
Norma Chambers
Omar Mouallem
Pamela Kiziak
Patricia Paton
Razanne Abou-Ghanim
Robert Antoniuk
Robyn Wilson
Rory Lee
Stephen, Ann and Sable Chan
Samson Mah
Scott Messenger
Sharon Brown
Shawna Randolph
Stacey Herrle
Steven Wong
Teresa Sturgess
Utterheim Hanna
Valerie Lalor