Emcee Ameowncement: CityNews Edmonton’s Carly Robinson to Host 2020 Cat Festival

Carly Robinson Edmonton Cat Festival Emcee

We are excited to ameownce that our 2020 Edmonton Cat Festival emcee is Carly Robinson of CityNews Edmonton!

If you look up “Carly+Cat+Edmonton”, you’ll find Carly Robinson’s favourite story as a journalist with CityNews Edmonton: the tale of the sinkhole cats in #YEGcatrescue2019. The story had everything, from 5 firetrucks working to save the kitties to the mystery as to how they got there and the pure stubbornness of the felines who took a week to come out of the hole.  

When not looking for the next big cat story, Carly enjoys spending time with her feline roommate Franklin. It’s not just adorable whiskers and calming purrs that have drawn her to cats her whole life, Carly strongly believes living with a cat has improved her overall mental health.

Carly will be on and around the Main Stage at Cat Festival throughout the day Caturday, May 30, kicking the festival off, interviewing our celebrity cat guests, moderating panels and so meowch more! 

Carly Robinson and Franklin Edmonton Cat Festival Emcee

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And be sure to follow Carly’s cat Franklin on Instagram!

Learn more about the Caturday, May 30, 2020 Edmonton Cat Festival!

About the 2020 Festival

And stay tuned as we make more exciting festival ameowncements leading up to the big day! 

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