Presentation Ameowncement: Behind the Scenes with the creators of KittenTV (Open Sky Pictures)

Kitten TV Open Sky Pictures Edmonton Cat Festival 1

We’re excited to ameownce that Open Sky Pictures, the creators of the most purr-fect Television show—KittenTV—will be taking festival attendees Behind the Scenes of KittenTV on the Petland Main Stage during the June 1 Edmonton International Cat Festival! 

Behind the Scenes of KittenTV will be presented from 2:30 p.m. – 3:10 p.m. on June 1, 2019.

Frederick and Rebecca of Open Sky Pictures, and Roxanne of Little Cats Lost, will show never before seen behind-the-scenes footage from their popular video on demand TV series KittenTV and talk about their experiences working on this ameowzing purr-duction! 

All presentations are included with your festival ticket.

Kitten TV Open Sky Pictures Edmonton Cat Festival
Kitten TV Open Sky Pictures Edmonton Cat Festival
Kitten TV Open Sky Pictures Frederick and Rebecca

Open Sky Pictures is a video production company specializing in documentary and kittens. “We fearlessly produce entertaining documentary content for a global audience.”


Frederick and Rebecca have been making KittenTV for the past 5 years. Their latest KittenTV project is a 360 VR film. When they’re not filming cats they also produce documentaries and kids TV. But mostly they seem to film cats.


No actors. No dialogue. Just kittens…endless kittens. KittenTV is ‘ambient television,’ leave it on in the background of your life. It’s like the fire log channel…except cuter. Slow. Simple. Adorable.

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