Session Spotlight: How To Make Homemade Cat Food With Chef Kathryn Joel of Get Cooking

Learn how to make homemade cat food with Chef Kathryn Joel of Get Cooking Edmonton!

Learn how to recreate savoury cat recipes. Spoil your cat with delicious homemade dishes! 

Chef Kathryn’s cat Milo will surely be taste testing to make sure all recipes will be up to YOUR cat’s tastes! 😉 

Kathryn Joel and Milo
Sunday, May 30 2021 
11 a.m. – 12 p.m. MST 

How to Make Homemade Cat Food
with Chef Kathryn Joel of Get Cooking
If you’d like to follow along, download Chef Kathryn Joel’s homemade Cat Food Recipe.

Please note:

  • Always consult with your Vet or a Veterinary Nutritionist before transitioning your cat to a homemade diet.
  • You will require a meat grinder to make the attached recipe. If you don’t plan to include bones, then you should add a bone supplement.
  • All home-made cat food diets require nutritional supplement. Please reference the attached resources (in the document) and speak with a Veterinary Nutritionist, to determine your own cat’s needs.
  • Our recipe calls for partially cooking chicken to kill any salmonella on the surface. You can also blanche in boiling water. Cat’s digestions are not the same as human digestive tracts, so a raw diet is recommended by many. It is important that bones remain raw when they are ground. Cooked bones can create splinters.
  • When changing your cat’s diet you should do so gradually. Cat’s stomachs are sensitive to change and the should be acclimatized slowly to any new diet.
Chef Kathryn Joel Milo the Cat

Your $20 festival ticket gets you access to this session and MEOWNY MORE CATivities and PURRgramming ALL WEEKEND LONG!

PLUS: 100% of proceeds from this virtual weekend will be donated to Little Cats Lost, Second Chance Animal Rescue Society, and Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. 



Get Cooking Edmonton Chef Kathryn Joel

Get Cooking is a culinary school in the heart of Edmonton’s downtown and offers cooking classes, private and corporate events, and a bespoke catering service. Their approach to cooking focuses on the use of local ingredients to create globally inspired cuisine—demystify cooking, empowering home cooks with both confidence and new skills. Kathryn is a graduate of London’s Le Cordon Bleu and Leiths School of Food and Wine, Kathryn has lived in England, Scandinavia, and the United States, as well as in Ireland.

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