Calling Local Businesses: Purrticipate in the Cat Fest Week Pawspurrt

For Cat Fest Week presented by Homes Alive Pets this May 2023, we’re inviting Edmonton businesses to offer cat-themed specials for local cat lovers!

Cat Fest Week Pawspurrt
From cat-themed drinks to cat themed snacks, discounts and more—stay tuned as we finalize purrticipating businesses and Cat Fest Week specials.

Cat lovers will be invited to visit purrticipating businesses to take advantage of their Cat Fest Week special in May, with some proceeds from all deals donated to the Edmonton Cat Fest to support this year’s rescue recipient, Furget Me Not Animal Rescue. Businesses will be featured in our digital pawspurrt, website, and social media. Cat lovers will be encouraged to share how they’re purrticipating in Cat Fest Week (and the Cat Pawspurrt specials from local businesses they’re taking advantage of) for a chance to win prizes!!

If you are an Edmonton area business that would like to be involved in the Cat Fest Week Pawspurrt, contact us for details.

Ahead of Cat Fest Week (May 20-28, 2023), we will release a list of purrticipating businesses and their clawsome special.

Get involved

The 2023 Edmonton International Cat Festival is a Cat Fest WEEK presented by Homes Alive Pets, featuring daily cat-ivities / events taking place across Edmonton from May 20-28, 2023. 100% purrceeds from Cat Fest is donated to local rescues. This year’s donation recipient is Furget Me Not Animal Rescue. Since 2014, the Edmonton International Cat Festival has raised $130,000 for local rescues!

2023 Cat Fest Week
This year’s 2023 Edmonton Cat Festival is a WEEK of events! 
Rather than one big in-purrson event, this year we are hosting multiple, smaller cat-themed events from May 20, 2023 to May 28, 2023, as part of the first-ever 2023 Edmonton Cat Fest Week presented by Homes Alive Pets.

Since 2014, the Edmonton International Cat Festival has held a cat pawty to celebrate cats, cat people and cat culture, while raising money for cat rescues helping cats in need (donating $130,000 for local rescues!) Since 2020 we have hosted virtual events due to the pandemic. 

While the 2023 in-purrson events will be smaller in scale than our typical one-day pawties, 100% of purr-ceeds raised from events and sponsors will continue to be donated to a local rescue helping cats in need. This year’s selected donation recipient is Furget Me Not!

There will be an event a day and we’ll ameownce our full Cat Fest Week event line-up over the next few weeks!

We’ll also be encouraging you to take advantage of Cat-themed promotions across the city during Cat Fest Week. 

Edmonton Cat Fest Week runs May 20 – 28, 2023!

with in-purrson and / or virtual events each day

Stay tuned for more Cat Fest Week event info!

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If you’ve reached out to be a vendor…
  • As this year’s event is multiple small events rather than one large event, our vendor space is much more limited. We will be in touch with those who have emailed to express interest in being a vendor with more details when we have finalized vendor opportunity!

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