Festival CATivity: Build LEGO Cats with AIMBOT!

Cat LEGO AIMBOT Edmonton Cat Festival

We’re excited to ameownce that CAT LEGO is returning to the June 1, 2019 Edmonton International Cat Festival presented by our amazing sponsor AIMBOT (The Alberta Institute of Mentors & Builders Of Tomorrow). 

Cat LEGO is always a popular festival CATivity for attendees of all ages! Throughout the day, AIMBOT volunteers will lead demonstrations on how to assemble a cat from LEGO bricks. There will also be a free build zone where festival attendees are welcome to create whatever design they wish. 

Be sure to visit AIMBOT’S Cat LEGO CATivity Zone at the Edmonton International Cat Festival on June 1! 

This Cat LEGO CATivity is one of meowny CATivities included with your festival ticket! 

Check back for a festival floor plan / full day schedule so you know where to find all the CATivities! 

Cat LEGO AIMBOT Edmonton Cat Festival 3

The Alberta Institute of Mentors & Builders of Tomorrow is a non-profit organization that uses LEGO bricks to encourage, empower and motivate individuals to become a Builder of Tomorrow. AIMBOT puts on LEGO community workshops, classroom programs, public events and conferences, and birthday parties.

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