The World’s Shortest Cat is coming to the Edmonton International Cat Fest! (Virtually)

Cye, an adorable munchkin cat who also happens to be the world’s shortest cat, is going to be making a virtual appearance at the Edmonton International Cat Festival!

Cye and his owner/mother Sarah have graciously done a Skype interview with #YEGCatFest organizers, which we’ll be playing on June 7 – one of three fairly famous celebrity cats to make virtual appearances at the fest!

Cye the World

We’ll be announcing the other two celebrity cat guests soon ~ in the meantime, follow Cye on Twitter @shortestcatcye, join the Cye Facebook Group and check out all the recent media coverage Cye and Sarah got after Cye was officially certified by Guinness World Records!

Cye the World

Cye is a sweetheart and we’re thrilled Sarah and Cye wanted to be a part of the cat fest in this way!

Still haven’t purr-chased your tickets? Get some now!

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  • Donatella Margiotta says:

    I am interested in a munchkin kitten in the future, so I am very excited to be able to see one at the cat festival !!!!

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